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Micromys V3 online manual
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DIP1=off and DIP2=on Set DIP1 to OFF and DIP2 to ON for operation on an Amiga with drivers for the wheel. The mouse will work just like any other Amiga mouse if the drivers are not yet started, so using the mouse in the early startup menu is possible. Wheel movements and pressing on the wheel does not have any effect until the drivers are started.
note: Today's optical mice are doing a self-test on power-up and do not pass on a mouse button that is pressed during power-on (let alone two mouse buttons at the same time). This will probably prevent many mouse types from letting you enter the early startup menu on a cold start of the Amiga. You might have to give Micromys V3 a few seconds after power-up to establish proper communication with your mouse, then reset the computer and hold down both mouse buttons to enter the the early startup menu.

Installing the driver
Download the driver here. The archive contains the driver, an installer-script and instructions in AmigaGuide format. The instructions are available in English and in German. These drivers can be used with AmigaOS V2.0 and higher. Wheel movements are passed into the system according to the "Newmouse" standard. MUI programs will recognize this without any further software. All other programs require an additional program like Freewheel, which is available on Aminet.

If you want to use the wheel in your own hardware-banging software, you might be interested in the developer information.

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