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Micromys V3 online manual
Micromys V3 lets you use a PS/2 mouse on the C64, Amiga or Atari ST. USB mice can also be used, if they are shipped with a PS/2-USB adapter. Not all USB mice can use these adapters! Micromys V3 is not limited to specific mouse models. You can use any 2-button, 3-button or 3-button wheelmouse (Microsoft Intellimouse) with Micromys V3.

Please switch off the computer before connecting anything in order to avoid damage to your precious equipment! Connect the PS/2 mouse to the 6-pin mini DIN connector of Micromys V3. The 9-pin Sub-D connector goes to the mouse port of your Amiga/Atari ST, or to one of the joystick ports of your C64. Note that most C64 programs consider control port 1 to be the "mouse port".

DIP switch settings
The two DIP switches set one of four modes of operation. After changing the DIP switch settings, you need to power-cycle the machine. Changing the DIP switches during operation may cause undesired operation, but won't break anything.

both DIP switches on Put both DIP switches to the ON position for the 1351 emulation mode. This will let Micromys V3 emulate the Commodore 1351 mouse that was popular for the C64. Programs like GEOS, Pagefox, GoDot and Mr.Mouse will work. This is the setting that Prophet64 and MSSIAH users should choose. Click here for a closer description and developer info.
DIP1=on and DIP2=off Set DIP1 to ON and DIP2 to OFF for operation on an Amiga computer without any drivers. This mode will also let you use the (rather rare) middle mouse button that a few programs like DOpus can use. Wheel movements are ignored in this mode, but pressing the wheel will be reported like pressing the middle mouse button.
DIP1=off and DIP2=on Set DIP1 to OFF and DIP2 to ON for operation on an Amiga with drivers for the wheel. The mouse will work just like any other Amiga mouse if the drivers are not yet started, so using the mouse in the early startup menu is possible. Wheel movements and pressing on the wheel does not have any effect until the drivers are started. Click here for a closer description and developer info.
both DIP switches off Put both switches to the OFF position for the Atari mode. Please note that Atari never had any standard for a third mouse button, let alone a wheel, so any wheel movement or middle mouse button is ignored in this mode of operation. In this mode, Micromys V3 can be used on any Atari ST or Falcon model.

In case you wondered what happened to "Micromys V2", it's an intermediate design that was never available in the shops. Individual Computers has bought the design in a half-working state from Marko Herold and did major updates to the code, which justified the version bump to V3. The design is RoHS compliant now, and it's compatible with Amiga and Atari ST. The new design uses a new chip version that is RoHS compliant and ensures the availability of Micromys V3 for many years in the future.

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